Over 90% of Bitcoin transactions are gambling related.

Bitcoin Casino - The Future of Gambling

Advantages for the Casino Player

  • Free and instant sign-up, deposits and withdraws of any amount 24/7
  • Better payouts due the gambling operator cost savings
  • Anonymity (privacy, legal, tax)
  • Provably fair gambling

Compared to what? (in regulated gambling friendly markets)

  • 15 minutes for sign-up and first deposit if you use a credit card
  • Need to send in front and back of credit card and government ID and a utility bill, wait for verification
  • 2 business days for withdrawal
  • Now the Gambling Operator can charge your credit card, sell your information or have it stolen at any time
  • Now the Gambling Operator or push market you marketing you don't want
  • Add a business day to deposit and withdrawal of you don't want to use a credit card
  • Taxman, banker, spouse, police... can access records

Compared to what? (in USA)

  • Fee to the Gambling Operator for depositing less than $1000
  • Limited deposit options such as Western Union
  • One free withdrawal via cashiers check per month, $50 for every additional withdrawal
  • Deposit and withdraw times up to 2 weeks!

What do you think about bitcoins being used in gaming? Interested?

Here is a list of the best casinos you can try?

Laws and Jurisdictions

  • There are none
  • Assume the same legal status as fiat gambling
  • You, the casino gambler are at no risk from law enforcement
  • The Gambling Operator is breaking the law and is at risk from law enforcement

What is Provably Fair Gambling?

  • GOAL : Stop the casino being able to decide or know what the card or number will be before it is dealt
  • USAGE : Uses cryptography and bitcoin values does not use bitcoin itself. Is just as easy for fiat currency operators to implement
  • HASHES : A long string of characters derived from other data. This is a mathematical problem that is extremely difficult to solve but if it was solved it would give you the data it hashes. If a solution is presented it is easy to backward test it to see if the solution is correct or not. So hashes are hard to solve but easy to verify a solution for.